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We are a diverse group of business and community leaders in Singapore who have come together to create positive and lasting change in our communities and around the world. We are non-political and non-religious - united in our belief in serving humanity through service above self. 
Join us as we take actions locally and globally to transform communities. 


Member's Message

What I hope to achieve by being a Rotarian?
I join Rotary because I can do hands-on projects and see where and how my donations are used.
What do you look forward to in this new Rotary Year?
For the new rotary year, I hope we can have more Fellowships, and hands-on projects, especially overseas projects where members can travel together to build up better bondings.
Other Message for the club
I am looking forward to President Nigel's new leadership for a better and more vibrant rotary year with an increase in membership and retention.
What I hope to achieve by being a Rotarian?
Cleft lip operations for teenagers, especially girls, and cataract operations in Sulawesi more than 20 years ago were the defining moments for me to become a Rotarian.
What do you look forward to in this new Rotary Year?
People in need could be helped by the joint effort of Rotarians who organised doctors, operating theatres, medicine, and money. As a result, lives were changed for the better.
Other Message for the club
We live in difficult, turbulent times. Yet, Rotarians continue to make positive change wherever they have the means, time, and money. Mottos change yearly, but the focus and Rotary ideal of service is immutable.


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