24th May 2014 - Rotary-ITE Student Excellence Award 2014 Tea Session

On 24 May, representatives from the Rotary Club of Bugis Junction (RCBJ) and the awardees of the Rotary-ITE Student Excellence Award 2014 met at ITE Central for an informal tea session. Joining them for the first time were 8 Award alumni from the years 2006-2013.


During the tea session, President Elect Nominee (PEN) Dr Lai Lai Wah gave the awardees an introduction into Rotary International (RI) and RCBJ. 


PEN Dr Lai explained that building on the success of this Award, RCBJ will be working with ITE to launch a Mentorship programme. This programme aims to engage Rotarians and Award alumni to become mentors to current ITE students who need help and guidance. Award alumni and present awardees were invited to give their input to help shape and develop this programme. 


Awardees expressed their appreciation for this tea session through which they get to know more about Rotary and network with Rotarians. 


Some Award alumni also shared about their own journeys with ITE, expressing their gratitude to being helped and recognized along the way. They look forward to the chance to give back to their alma mater and make a difference. Award alumnus nurse Liaw Lay Kian shared that the phrase “Do it once, do it right” has inspired her to think about how to proliferate this practice in her industry.


It is encouraging to know that a short tea session can have such an impact. Through Rotary, we can indeed make a difference. 


For more information on Rotary-ITE Student Excellence Award, please click here.