28 Sept 2013 - 1st RCBJ Fellowship for RY2013/2014

RCBJ Fellowship Under the Stars and by the Sea.


The much awaited 1st fellowship of the year was a cosy and warm success. Twenty three members and spouses plus a seven year old daughter graced the evening. The venue was the NSRCC Sea Sports Centre and the ambience was just right for an evening of mixed conversations, jokes and high spirits including beer! Food was varied; pizzas, pasta and fish & chips among others. President Dominic was with us but had to take his leave for a prior engagement. 


The stars were missing but Whai Yih’s  camera flashes brightened the night. Planes flew low over us as they approach Changi Airport. The 4 man band sang evergreens for us to shake our heads and move our bodies to the beat! So delightful despite a missing dance floor! CP Allan was all smiles and it was contagious for the rest of us; appetizer and dessert of a different kind !  


The evening was idyllic for members and spouses to bond stronger. As the evening ended early, some of us continued the fellowship at Bobby’s home. We thank Bobby for his impromptu big heart and strong bladder !


The next RCBJ fellowship will be on 5th November 2013 at the Singapore Recreation Club where we will celebrate Deepavali. Please make an effort not to miss out by confirming your presence with Club Service Director Sasha. Look out for more news on this upcoming fellowship here on the RCBJ website.