Meals from the Heart - Food Parcel

On a Saturday morning of the 22nd March 2014, a total of 45 Bugis Junction Rotarians and their Spouses as well as friends met at the-Moral CARE (Care of Activity for Retired Elderly), Block 79 Indus Road void deck to share their loves and time with 60 of the senior residents who live in this one room flat.


All our members arrived around 10am to have our briefing conducted by the Centre Manager, Mr. Michael Sim, who had been running the centre for more than 15 years, before to start the Food Parcel delivery project. Mr. Sim also gave all our members the story how this INDUS Moral CARE was formed and managed till today.


This Indus-Moral CARE is a joint project between Ministry of Social and Development (MSF), Grassroots Organisation (GROs) and Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities (THKMC) a voluntary welfare organisation to improve the living conditions of the elderly residents of HDB rental flats in the Constituency.


The centre provides a variety of programmes and services for their elderly like Karaoke singing, Mahjong games, bingo games, handicrafts sessions, celebrations, food rations distribution, free haircuts, outing activities, etc.


During this occasion, our members get to mingle around with the elderly through the Bingo Game, Karaoke singing lead by our Spouse singer, Ann Vanisa and friend Mr. Ed Coll, a retired American singing the resident favourite Hokkien and Mandarin song and dancing lead by our CP Allan Yap, ur  hidden talent whom we known for many years!


When the groceries arrived, without much introduction our fellow members automatically lined up in line to transfer the packed grocery from the supplier’s van into the centre holding area.


Time passed fast, soon came the lunch time where our lunch I/C Rtn. Bobby Lim lead his team, including our DG Ghim Bok to serve the lunch to the elderly residents. Since there are also 5 residents who could not join us in the event, PE Alfred Teo led his team to deliver both the lunch and food parcel to share the moment together.


Despite of her busy schedule, the MP Dr. Lily Neo who is also the initiator of this Moral-CARE project to join us to distribute the food parcel to the elderly residents. We also had the occasion to hear her singing the resident favourite song Teresa Teng “甜甜蜜蜜”.


Our food parcel distribution I/C, PN Dr. Lai Wah, had worked very hard to lead her team and fellow Rotarians in distributing including delivery of the 2 big bags of food parcel to the 60 residents and their home, as the bags were too heavy for some of them.


We also would like to highlight a very special person whom has put variable efforts in capturing all the precious moments that we had shared in all our charity events and she is none other than PP Whai Yih.


Once again, our team would like to thank everyone present for making this project a big success.


“Making A Difference.....Touching Lives”